CrossCraze is being constantly improved so please email us your feedback, especially if you play in any of the game's non-English languages.

If you're a fan of the game, please support us by rating it on the Android Play Store. 5-star reviews are vital to small independent developers like us. The more people who discover our game, the more time we can spend improving it for you!


If you're fluent in any of the game's non-English languages, let us know what you think of the computer's vocabulary. Positive feedback can be as valuable as negative as it tells us when we're on the right track.

For accuracy, we cross-check CrossCraze's vocabulary against multiple sources, but if you think you can provide better word lists for your language, we'll happily take a look at them.

Word lists should be text files with one word per line. They should include all permitted variations on each word, such as plurals and verb forms. Banned words, such as names and abbreviations, should be omitted.

Most languages contain lots of obscure and archaic words that the computer needs to recognize, but which it shouldn't play itself. Therefore, we're also interested in word lists that contain only words that are in common, everyday use (the more words the better, but it doesn't matter so much if there are gaps in this list).

Menus and prompts

CrossCraze's menus and prompts are available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Want to help translate the game to Danish, Dutch, Norwegian or Swedish? All you need is a Windows PC and this zip file - follow the instructions inside!

Many thanks to our previous contributors: Magali Cambe (French); Michael Vogel (German); Maria Sole Manganiello (Italian); and Veronica Fernandez (Spanish).