Why use DOSBox?

Unfortunately, many modern computers aren't compatible with our oldest games, AstroFire and TerraFire, which were written for an operating system called DOS.

If you encounter problems, or if you're running an unsupported operating system (e.g. Mac or Linux), you can still play these games from within a program called DOSBox.

DOSBox is a free DOS emulator. Basically, it lets you simulate an old-style PC on your modern computer.

How to use DOSBox?

  1. Download DOSBox from the official website and install it to C:\DOSBOX
  2. Install AstroFire to C:\DOSGAMES\ASTRO and TerraFire to C:\DOSGAMES\TERRA
  3. Run DOSBox and type the following, pressing the ENTER key at the end of each line: MOUNT C C:\DOSGAMES
  4. To run AstroFire, type the following two lines: CD \ASTRO
    ...or to run TerraFire, type: CD \TERRA