CrossCraze 3.19 for Windows & Android

CrossCraze is a classic crossword puzzle game where you place letters on a board to form interlocking words. Play solo against the computer or with a friend.

Special features

Choose the best

Frustrated by the time-wasting and cheating found with online word games? CrossCraze lets you pick a computer opponent to match your own skill level. It will never cheat, never take more than a moment to move and never abandon a game before the end. How refreshing!

Choose from two game modes: 'Classic', where new letters must be placed next to existing ones (e.g. change BEAT to BEATS); and 'Tile Stacking', where new tiles can also be dropped over old ones (e.g. change SCRABBLE to SCRAMBLE).

Stuck for a word? CrossCraze's unique 'hint' option will show you the best move. Give yourself as many or as few hints per game as you like. CrossCraze can show you the full word, or just where to look.

CrossCraze is a great way to exercise your brain, expand your vocabulary or even practice a foreign language.


The game can be played in the following languages:

Menus and prompts are available in English, French and German.

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