CrossCraze - the ultimate word game

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CrossCraze is a fun, modern twist on the classic word puzzle game, designed for gamers who prefer the single-player challenge of a computer opponent. You can also pass-and-play offline with a friend. Place your letter tiles on the board to build crosswords and use bonus squares to boost your score.

10 skill levels

CrossCraze's single-player mode lets you choose a computer opponent to match your own strength. Unlike multiplayer online games, the super-smart AI never cheats, never takes more than a moment to think, never abandons a game before the end, and never sends you inappropriate messages. How refreshing!

2 game modes

Choose from standard gameplay, where new letters must be placed next to existing words, and 'Tile Stacking' mode, where new tiles can also be dropped over old ones.

28 board layouts

Tired of the same board each game? Choose a new layout, ranging from the classic 15x15 squares up to supersized 21x21 boards, or let the computer pick one at random.

13 board styles

Whether you like your display bright and colourful, or subtle and dark, CrossCraze has a board style for you. You can even change the screen colours to match your taste.

9 languages

Play in English (US or International), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish. CrossCraze's comprehensive tournament-standard vocabularies include over 5 million words, sorted by difficulty. View English, French and Italian dictionary definitions with a simple swipe.

Customizable dictionary

Want to play names, or other words that aren't usually allowed? The 'Flexible Vocabulary' option lets you override the default word list. You can even challenge the computer's words.

Don't scrabble in the dark

Lost for words? CrossCraze's unique 'hint' system will find you the best word. Allow yourself as many or as few hints per game as you like. CrossCraze can spell out the full word, or just show you where to look.

Improve your game

CrossCraze's 'Teacher' mode will rewind the game to show you the best word you could have played, and insightful player statistics will help you analyse your performance. You'll be playing like a champion in no time.

No more impossible racks

Choose from three tile allocation methods: 'Random' for pot luck; 'Balanced' for a more predictable draw; or 'Helpful' to maintain an even spread of letters across your rack.

Sort or scramble

Automatic rack sorting lets you order your tiles alphabetically, or split them into vowels and consonants. Alternatively, scramble your tiles with a simple double-tap.

Train your brain

CrossCraze is a great educational tool for all ages. Boggle your brain, improve your spelling, expand your vocabulary, or even practice a foreign language. It's the ultimate training aid for fans of other word-building games, so begin your journey from word game novice to tournament master today.

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