AstroFire Instructions


Classic asteroid-blasting arcade game featuring stunning raytraced graphics, awesome power-ups and 18 different types of enemy craft, spread over a massive 75 action-packed levels.

  • Windows 98, 2000, Me or XP.
  • 32Mb RAM and 2Mb free disk space.
  • Sound Blaster compatible sound card (optional).

Note: AstroFire is our oldest game, first released in 1994. To run it on more modern operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) you will need to use an 'emulator' such as DOSBox.

Playing The Game

An alien armada has swept the galaxy, laying all to waste. Diplomacy has failed and New Earth is under attack. StarFleet has been wiped out and you are our last remaining hope.

The rules are pretty simple: shoot everything!

There are two information bars in the top-left of the screen. The first, marked 'S', represents your shields. Each time your ship is hit, your shields are depleted. When they reach zero you die. Fortunately, you can boost your shields by collecting red power-up gems.

The second bar, marked 'W', represents your weapon's power-level. You can boost your fire-power for a short period by collecting gold power-up gems. If you reach maximum power, your ship will release a devastating ring of shots - very useful when you're in a tight corner!

You start the game with three lives, but you can gain more by collecting purple power-up gems. The number immediately to the right of the info bars tells you how many lives you have left. The number in the top-right of the screen is your score.


Left Arrow :
Rotate Anti-Clockwise
Right Arrow :
Rotate Clockwise
Up Arrow :
Thrust Forwards
Ctrl :
P :
Pause / Resume
S :
Sound On / Off
Esc :
Quit Game


You can also use the following cheat keys (but your score will be fixed at zero):

Shift-F1 :
Boost Shields, Fire-Power and Lives
Shift-F2 :
Skip Current Wave
Shift-F3 :
Skip Next 10 Waves
The Setup Program

AstroFire will usually auto-detect your sound card settings, but there may be times when you need do make manual adjustments or even disable the game's sound altogether. You can do this via the game's Setup program: click the Windows 'Start' button, select 'Programs', locate the 'AstroFire' folder, then select 'Sound Setup'.


If you encounter any problems running AstroFire, please refer to our Support Page.

  • If the game is too easy or too hard, try changing the skill level on the Options Menu. On the easy level, your ship will be able to take more hits, but you will be awarded fewer points.
  • Most users find keyboard control easier than using a joystick.
  • Try to stay in the centre of the screen - you'll have more time to react to approaching danger.
  • If your ship is hidden off the edge of the screen, don't hang around waiting to be hit - take a chance and just accelerate ANYWHERE.
  • Keep the number of asteroids on the screen to a minimum by picking off the larger rocks one at a time: shoot one large rock; shoot all the smaller rocks released; and only then shoot the next large rock.
  • Some of the alien craft home in on your ship. You can confuse them by moving off one side of the screen and appearing on the other.
  • Shoot the UFOs from a distance. The closer you are, the more likely you are to be shot yourself.
  • Some alien craft reflect your shots back at you. To avoid shooting yourself, make sure you only open fire from a distance.
Special Options

Certain aspects of the program's behaviour can be modified using 'switches':

Disables the sound effects.
Restores the option settings (difficulty, volume, etc) to their default states.

Program switches can be applied as follows:

  1. Right-click on the AstroFire icon that you usually use to launch the game (either on the Windows Desktop or on the Windows Start Menu).
  2. Select "Properties" from the pop-up menu that appears.
  3. Click at the end of whatever appears in the 'Target' field and add a space, followed by your switches (make sure your additions appear outside any quotation marks already present). Here is an example: "C:\Program Files\AstroFire\astro.exe" -QUIET
  4. Click 'OK', then use the same AstroFire icon to launch the game.

Still got questions? The best way to contact us is by email.



  • Owen Thomas


  • Merete Hertzum
  • Martin Moyse
  • Pete Croft
  • Julian Morris