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Why does Windows tell me your program is unsafe?
Windows SmartScreen, and some over-protective web browsers, may warn that a program is unsafe simply because the publisher or the file is unrecognized. ORT Software is both the developer and publisher of CrossCraze. So long as you have obtained CrossCraze directly from this website, you can be sure it has not been tampered with and can safely ignore these warnings (click 'more info', then 'run anyway').
Why does my mouse pointer disappear?
You need to disable the 'pointer trails' effect on your mouse as this causes problems with full screen programs. Open the Windows Control Panel, select 'View by : Large icons', click the 'Mouse' icon, switch to the 'Pointer Options' tab and uncheck 'Display pointer trails'.
Why can't I install the game?
Are you getting an error message telling you that the program 'requires elevation'? Some users may not have high enough clearance to install new software. Right-click the installation program and select 'run as administrator', or log on to Windows using an administrator account.
Why can't I run CrossCraze versions 1 or 2?
Unfortunately, Windows 8 and later no longer support the graphics mode required by older versions of CrossCraze. Please upgrade to the latest version instead.

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