TerraFire 2.05 - full game now free!

7th Annual Shareware Awards - Best Action Game TerraFire (Click Me) TerraFire (Click Me) TerraFire (Click Me) TerraFire (Click Me)

TerraFire is one of our oldest games, first released in 1997. To run it on most modern computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) you will need a 'DOS emulator' such as DOSBox. If you can't run the game's Windows-based installer, use this zipped copy.

TerraFire can also be played through an online emulator here.

For a more modern alternative to TerraFire, try Astrogeddon.

TerraFire is an award-winning arcade game featuring 3D-rendered graphics, realistic gravitational physics and 360 degree parallax scrolling.

Blast your ship through heavily defended underground caverns, past wind tunnels, fire-walls and subterranean lakes. Recover stolen nuclear pods using your ship's tractor beam, then carry them back to the planet surface and beyond into hyperspace.

TerraFire features 27 missions (including 6 hyperspace levels), spread across 5 unique worlds.

Requires: computer capable of running DOSBox.